The NIVEA Design platform provides you with specifications, guidelines and downloads for essential material to design communication or packaging, such as logos, fonts and layouts (the “Materials”). It contains proprietary information of Beiersdorf AG and its affiliates. The owners of the Materials, including the copyrights, personal rights, trademarks, designs and the exclusive usage rights thereto is Beiersdorf AG, Unnastr. 48, 20253 Hamburg, Germany (“Beiersdorf AG”). The information is strictly confidential and exclusively intended for the use through approved persons and entities as permitted in writing by Beiersdorf AG (“Beiersdorf”). Any other disclosure, copying or other distribution of the contents is strictly prohibited.

1. Admission to the NIVEA Design platform
The authorization to access the NIVEA Design platform and to make use of the specifications and downloads therein is strictly personal. You are only allowed to access the NIVEA Design platform and to make use of its content, if Beiersdorf has granted you such authorization expressly in writing. It is strictly prohibited to enable third persons or entities to access the NIVEA Design platform and/or to publish or to pass any confidential data or information provided in the  NIVEA Design platform to third persons or entities. The authorized user is responsible to keep its log-in data confidential and that it will not be disclosed to any other person.

2. Use of the content
The content of the  NIVEA Design platform including but not limited to texts, images, graphics and audio or video files is property of Beiersdorf unless the contrary is explicitly stated. It is protected by copyright, trademark, design or other intellectual property rights under German and international law. The content of the  NIVEA Design platform may only be used by you if expressively permitted by Beiersdorf in writing and only for the purpose explicitly agreed upon between Beiersdorf and you.
Any change to the content, translations or other editing or processing of the content may only be made with the prior written permission of Beiersdorf. The unauthorized use or misuse of any registered trademarks or logos of Beiersdorf and of any confidential information provided in the NIVEA Design platform will lead to legal consequences.

3. Legal Consequences
Beiersdorf reserves the right to withdraw the right of the user to access the NIVEA Design platform and/or the Download Center at any time and without reason. In such event, access of the user to the website is no longer permitted and any unauthorized use might lead to legal consequences.
Please note that any unauthorized use (including any modification of the Material), misuse or infringement of confidentiality or infringement of Beiersdorf’s copyrights, trademarks or other intellectual property rights may have civil law and/or criminal law consequences.

4. Disclaimer of liability
Use of this website and downloading any of the data is at the users own risk. Beiersdorf does not assume any liability for any damage in particular to data files, hardware or software of the user, arising as a result of such an action. The responsibility for deliberate intention and gross negligence remains unaffected. Beiersdorf does not assume any liability as regards third party rights to the Materials.

5. Other Provisions
All matters relating to the Terms and Conditions of use of this NIVEA Design platform and Materials provided on or through or uploaded to this platform shall be governed by German law.
If any provision of these terms is or becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable in any case the validity or enforceability of any other provision of these terms share remain unaffected.
Due to technical and legal development we have to amend and/or update the existing conditions of use from time to time. Please therefore check each time you use our niveadesign.beiersdorf.com when the last version was uploaded. The most recent update was June, 2018.

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